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Custom Sustainable Toys made to your Requirements

Our carefully-crafted eco toys are made using specially-sourced materials which include: recycled fabric, linen, organic cotton, bamboo, bioplastic and FSC wood. These Eco plush toys come in an infinite range of fabrics, colours and pile lengths. Bioplastic toys can be pantone matched to your requirement. FSC wooden products can be 2D or 3D, printed or painted to match your requirements. Whether you’re looking for green toys for babies, children or collectors we manufacture to your bespoke requirements.

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    Experts in Eco-Friendly Toys


    Examples of Our Work

    Our team works with a range of prestigious clientele, from multinational brands to local charities creating quality, unique toys and collectables.

    Check out some of the pieces we have created for world-renowned brands, such as Aardman Animations, Sony, The Donkey Sanctuary, the Ministry of Defence, Virgin and more. Whether it’s soft, plush vegetables, eco-friendly aliens, games or playsets there is no limit to the options of eco-friendly and recycled toys we can produce.

    Custom Designs and Quality Materials

    Sustainability is at the heart of this process; once we have your design, you can choose from a range of eco-friendly materials to suit your project’s needs. We minimise single-use plastics and materials during the production of our custom eco-friendly toys and use quality eco-friendly materials wherever possible. We create our eco products from:

    • Recycled Fabric – Made from recycled plastic bottles (PET), this is a soft, tough-wearing fabric available in any colour with many pile lengths available.
    • Linen – 100% natural, this lightweight, extremely durable fabric is made from flax plant fibres and is fully biodegradable at the end of its life.
    • Organic Cotton – Grown without the use of pesticides, this natural fabric is an environmentally friendly option that is biodegradable.
    • Bamboo – Another natural fabric available is bamboo viscose. Created using bamboo pulp, bamboo is available as both a stuffing and outer plush material. This super-soft, durable fabric is again biodegradable at the end of its life.
    • WoodFSC wood is available as a natural material suitable from which we can produce children’s toys, collectables, figures and models.
    • Bioplastic – This BPA-free plastic is made using 96% sugarcane and has infinite shape and colour options available.

    Here’s How It Works

    With over 50 years of combined experience working to create the very best custom toys, our team can help to design, manufacture and deliver custom sustainable toys suitable for 0 years and up.


    Step 1 - Design

    We work from your visuals, sketches or description to bring your design to life. Our team can advise on style and specification to make the most of your custom character. We ensure our products will suit your brand, campaign or purpose. From here a hand sample will be provided for your review.

    Step 2 - Manufacture

    Once the hand sample is approved we will commence production, subject to our minimum order quantity. Each item is carefully made by hand, thoroughly and independently QC checked, EN71 safety tested and thoughtfully packaged, ready for dispatch.

    Step 3 - Deliver

    Secure transport with prompt delivery to your chosen location is efficiently arranged.

    We pride ourselves in our award-winning product standards, efficient logistics, friendly customer service, reputation and our loyal clientele reflect this.

    UK Leading Toy Makers

    At Brazier & Co we recognise our responsibility to reduce the environmental footprint of our toys where possible, which is why we have developed our eco-friendly toy options.

    As part of the custom build process, your assigned account manager will work with you on the initial design of your baby, kids’ toy or collectable. We bring your project to fruition as an eco toy, whether fundraising, retail, promotional, a collectable or an educational toy. We take your designs and turn them into a green toy. We can base this design on your visuals, sketches or description. 

    We create fully bespoke eco-friendly green toys using 100% recycled and eco-friendly materials. We offer a huge range from eco-friendly soft toys with recycled or organic stuffing, bioplastic toys, sustainable wooden toys, board games, jigsaw puzzles, teething toys, wooden and bioplastic stackers with building blocks/shapes, all the way through to bioplastic bath toys, pretend play kitchen and seaside/beach sets. Age groups from 0-4-year-old babies, pre-school, older children and collectors. 

    Enquire today to find out more about our eco-friendly toys and bring your project to life.

    Clients We Work With

    Our team works with a range of prestigious clientele, from multinational brands to local charities creating quality, unique toys and collectables.

    Free No-Obligation Quote

    Get in touch with our expert team and enquire as to how we can help you create your custom plush. Whatever your bulk toy or collectable requirement, we’re here to help.  Contact us today and make the most of your FREE, no-obligation quote.

    Customer Reviews

    We value our relationships with our clients built on reputation, trust and quality of service. Our team of experts take your visuals, sketches or descriptions and turn them into high-quality custom eco plush, rag doll, figures, model FSC wood toys. Find out how our clients reacted to their custom toys.

    “Absolutely fantastic in all respects. I am more than happy to say that we have received excellent friendly service from Mark and Glenn. They never fail to deliver and extremely knowledgeable about products and licenses. Highly recommend to anyone!”

    RAF Museum

    We have been using Brazier and Co for many years now, and Mark and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with.  They have helped us develop and improve our range, most recently in moving towards a fully recycled soft toy range, and regularly come to us with new ideas and innovations to help broaden our offering.  Always professional, and very quick in turning around requests, I highly recommend the Brazier team to anyone looking for a partner to help grow their retail income.

    The Donkey Sanctuary

    I am very happy with the service I received from the team at Brazier & Co. The advice and suggestions they provided me with to get the product I needed were so helpful, I am so impressed with the quality of the toys. I will definitely be a returning customer, I highly recommend them.


    Frequently Asked Questions about our Eco-Friendly Toys

    What are eco-friendly materials?

    Eco-Friendly materials are materials that reduce harm to the environment. There are eco-friendly alternatives to conventional soft toys, plastic toys and baby toys. These can offer great sustainability helping to reduce plastic waste, much of which ends up in landfills once no longer being used.

    What materials are eco-friendly?

    Some of the most commonly used eco-friendly materials for toys consist of recycled fabric, linen, bamboo fibre, bioplastic and more.

    What are the advantages of eco-friendly toys?

    Eco-friendly toys are made from renewable, natural and sustainable materials rather than new plastics and materials known for polluting the environment and most can be recycled and reused in the future.

    Do we design our eco toys?

    Yes, we design all our eco toys in the UK. These can be based on your idea, a description you give us, or a pre-existing design you have already drawn up. Depending on what you prefer, we can create an eco match for a current design you have or design a brand new sustainable version of an existing range you have, instead.

    What kinds of environmentally friendly toys do we make?

    We offer ‘eco plush’, ‘bioplastic toys’ and FSC wood toys.

    Eco plush toys are made from more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. These materials include 100% recycled polyester plush, which is a fabric made from recycled water bottles. These come in a range of colour options, using sustainable dyes and inks.

    Soft plush eco toys can also be created using natural biodegradable linen, bamboo and cotton including organic GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified cotton. We also offer embroidered features (like eyes) on our children’s toys to reduce plastic.

    Our plastic toys are suitable for infants from 0 years old and upwards. These are made using bioplastic, which is created from 96% sugarcane. Bioplastic toys make perfect educational toys, bath toys and beach toys, as they are easy to care for and water-resistant. These toys are popular with clients of pre-school and school toys and help to stimulate little one‘s imagination without the footprint of conventional plastic. Please see the examples of our previous projects in the gallery above.

    We get asked for other products such as fair trade craft kits, natural rubber toys, FSC doll houses, crayons and scooters, although we don’t currently offer these items we are versatile. So if you have a product that is not listed, please get in touch to see if it is a project we can help you with.

    What bespoke branding options do we offer?

    Plush can be embroidered or printed with logos. We can also colour-match fabrics and add retail or promotional information if you desire. Equally, we are able to add branding on a swing tag and/or sewn in a label. See our gallery for examples of this.

    Bioplastic toys require sticker logos and branded, plastic free swing tags or card outer boxes can be provided although bioplastic items can be loose-packed.

    FSC wood items can be painted or printed using sustainable colouring.

    What packaging can we offer?

    We are passionate about minimising waste, particularly plastic waste, where possible. We typically package and deliver our soft toys in a single outer master polybag, this is to make sure your plush toys are protected during transportation. Other packaging options include biodegradable individual bags and card display boxes. Point of display solutions can be provided upon request.

    What is our minimum quantity (MOQ) for bio toys?

    Our MOQ for both eco plush and bioplastic toys typically starts at around 1000 pieces, depending on your project and requirements.

    Where are our bio toys made?

    We are based in the UK, this is where your product is designed. We then use our factories based in Europe or our ethically ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) accredited factories in Asia to create the toys.  We work very closely with our factories and instruct independent QC inspection to ensure the final product meets the highest standard.

    How long does the process take to create an eco plush?

    Once we have your design requirements, hand samples usually take around 14 days. From hand sample approval to delivery the lead time is currently six weeks in Europe, four months in Asia. If you have a tight deadline please discuss it with us at the start of a project. We can then try to expedite the process and provide alternative transport options where this is possible.

    How long does the process take to create a bioplastic toy?

    Once we have your design requirements, hand samples usually take around 14 days. From hand sample approval to delivery the lead time is currently 8-12 weeks, depending on complexity of the project. If you have a tight deadline please discuss it with us at the start of a project to see if we can expedite the process and provide alternative transport options.

    Is safety testing included?

    Yes, all our products are safety tested, EN71 for UK and Europe, and marked accordingly with UKCA/CE. We can also test to meet ASTM, ISO and others for international requirements. These are included in the price we quote.

    Is delivery included?

    Yes, all our quotes include delivery to the door.

    How does the order process work?

    Our team advise on style and specification to create a custom toy that suits your brand, campaign, purpose or goal. From here a hand sample will be provided for your review.

    Production, subject to our minimum order quantity, will start on approval of the hand sample. Each item is carefully made by hand. It is then thoroughly and independently QC checked and UKCA / CE safety tested, before being carefully packaged, ready for dispatch.

    We arrange secure transport with prompt delivery to your chosen location.

    We pride ourselves in our award-winning product standards, efficient logistics, great customer service, reputation and loyal clientele.

    We only produce quality eco toys bespoke to your designs, please see our gallery for examples of our bioplastic, linen and 100% recycled plush made from plastic bottles.

    How much does an eco toy cost to make?

    As each eco toy design is different the cost varies also. Different factors influence the final price, these include the design’s size, complexity and materials. The quantity of toys you need will also impact costs, the higher the quantity the more the overall cost will be reduced. If you send us a description or image to we will discuss options to meet your price point.

    Why choose Brazier & Co?

    With over 50 combined years experience you can trust us with your project. We offer first class customer service, our team will support you every step of the way, from concept through to delivery.

    The quality of our product is guaranteed and the most prestigious of companies trust us with their projects, retail ranges and promotional campaign requirements.

    We offer competitive prices. As a streamline business we pass these savings directly onto our clients usually beating competition on price.

    We are continually striving to improve our environmental footprint. All our plush features recycled stuffing as standard and we are continuously pushing our material suppliers for environmentally friendly alternatives and solutions.