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Custom PVC, Vinyl & Eco Plastics

  • Our team of experts has over 50 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing custom-made products.
  • Providing award-winning customised toys, figurines and collectables.
  • We have worked with numerous major brands such as Sony, RBS & more.

Free No-Obligation Quote

Please enquire as to how we can help you create your custom plush. Whatever your toy or collectable requirement, we’re here to help. Contact our expert team today and make the most of a FREE, no-obligation quote.

PVC & Vinyl Figures

Our team are capable of designing and manufacturing a range of PVC & vinyl figures and toys. With many articulation options, colours, accessories, & packaging, you can create any character, mascot, or asset you want.

3D Keyrings

We can make miniature replicas of your character, mascot or asset with amazing detail in any shape or colour. We have many 3D keyring styles available with various clip-on & packaging options.

Bio Plastic Toys & Eco Products

We offer both plant based bio-plastic toys and recycled plastic 3D printed products to reduce the environmental impact of plastic goods without compromising on safety and durability. Join us in making the switch to eco, one product at a time.

2D Keyrings & Fridge Magnets

We provide bespoke fridge magnets and keyrings of any shape, size, and colour. You can choose from a variety of clip-on options and packaging options within a short time frame.

Resin & Polystone Models

We can bring your character, asset or item to life with resin & polystone models. Create your character, asset, or item in collector quality detail at any scale or size, using any colours and packaging you like.

Customer Reviews

Our customer relationships are built on reputation, trust, and quality services. From your visions, sketches or descriptions, our team of experts can create custom PVC & resin models and figures that look beautiful and are of high quality.

RAF Museum


“Absolutely fantastic in all respects. I am more than happy to say that we have received excellent friendly service from Mark and Glenn. They never fail to deliver and extremely knowledgeable about products and licenses. Highly recommend to anyone!”

Quality Guaranteed

All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety tested to British, European and worldwide regulations. Whatever your custom toy or collectable requirements are we’re here to help.

Other Products We Can Design & Create

In addition to our quality custom plush & soft toys, our in-house team also produces a wide range of other products.

Custom Plush & Soft Toys

Design your very own bespoke plush and soft toys available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from standard sitting bears to bears with moveable joints, there’s no end to the variety of options.

More Custom Items

Our team is also capable of designing and producing a wide range of other soft toys and items including but not limited to, door stops, gloves, finger puppets, pet toys, backpacks, and much more. Whatever your custom toy & business requirements, we’re here to help bring your ideas to life.

Clients We’ve Worked With

We’ve created an extensive range of custom plush toys for many prestigious clients such as The AA, Sony, IO Interactive & more..