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According to a poll this Christmas, many British adults still want some of the top toys of yesteryear.  There are many gifts that Brits were sad to miss out on as children with Game Boy topping the overall list followed by Mr Frosty & Sega Mega Drive.

Among these gifts that adults missed out on as children, overall respondents would most still like to receive a lava lamp but those now in their 30s and 40s still really want to try out the Sega Mega Drive to re-live their childhood gaming dreams.  Those now in their 40s were most likely to have put Mr Frosty on their Christmas list, while those currently over 50 desperately wanted a Walkman.

The new research by Argos found that two fifths (38 per cent) have been buying nostalgic items over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, with two in five (43 per cent) saying it brought them a sense of comfort and 30 per cent wanting some escapism from what’s been a very difficult year.

The data also showed that 70 per cent miss how magical Christmas was as a child and two thirds (67 per cent) think it becomes less exciting as you get older, with half (49 per cent) even admitting they think it’s unfair that adults miss out on the magic of Christmas. 44 per cent also wish they still believed in Santa Claus.

Respondents also shared the worst gifts they received instead of what they truly wanted, with people being given a crocheted waistcoat, and a geography encyclopaedia.

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